The worst thing serious players can do during the summer is nothing!

Right now the most dedicated soccer players from all levels and ages are on the pitch getting ready for the fall season…

Player Diagram

The worst thing serious players can do during the summer is nothing – especially if you have worked hard to build up your technique strength and fitness levels over the spring season.

Players need to shake off the rust and Get Ready To Play!

Scheduled breaks are important and widely encouraged by UK Elite coaches but the sooner a soccer player can get back to sharpening their technique, work their feet back up to game speed and raise their fitness levels the sooner they will be ready to impact the season.

Pre Season training helps every player accomplish those objectives. Physical fitness and technical ability are all hugely improved during a preseason soccer training program. Physical fitness and touch on the ball can regress during the off season.

Endurance training improves physical fitness while daily practice helps familiarize a soccer player with touch on the ball again.

The risk of injury can also be minimized by progressively strengthening core muscles and adapting the body for the physical demands of a soccer game.


You can get a head start today with a UK Elite Soccer Team Training Week.

Residential or local options ranging from 10-40 hours of intense training available…we guarantee you will be ready!

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