UK Elite – Positive Coaching Development

UK Elite

“Within this conference room we have over one thousand years of coaching experience” announced Steel Sports CEO, David Shapiro, at the beginning of the recent 2nd Annual Steel Sports Coaching Summit.

In attendance for UK Elite:- CEO; Mick Smoothey, Director of Professional Development, Steve Jones; Executive Director Andy Broadbent and Director of Business Development, Gary Book; joined with Baseball legends Dusty Baker, Bobby Valentine and Tommy Lasorda to work on the development of the forthcoming Steel Sports PlayBook.

When complete the PlayBook will provide a fundamental manual for all of the whole stable of Steel Sports companies and provide a practical resource for creating positive coaching environments that support youth players from their first entry into the game all the way to becoming active and lifelong participants on and off of the field – Something UK Elite are passionate about.

Each of the summits participants shared their own backgrounds and rationale for being involved Including Steel Partners Executive Chairman Warren Lichtenstein who related how his own experience of observing the poor coaching and continual abusive behavior by coaches and parents alike had motivated him to create Steel Sports.

Dusty Baker and Bobby Valentine both shared impassioned histories of what sport had meant to their lives and how important a vehicle it is to the positive development of young people who in modern society may well spend more time interacting with their coach than they do with their own parents.

Dusty related how his own father, who was his coach as a young player, had cut him from the team when he was eight and again at nine and ten for showing a bad attitude, throwing his bat and disrespecting others and how these were lessons that had stayed with him throughout his life.

During the summit the UK Elite staff provided some extensive insights into the phenomenal success that the company has experienced in creating positive and enjoyable coaching experiences that have allowed countless thousands of young players to develop their games in a constructive and encouraging atmosphere.

The Coaching Summit was led by professors from the College of Sports and Physical Education at West Virginia University. They will create the first draft of the Steel Sports Playbook.

As a founder member of the Steel Sports family UK Elite remains at the cutting edge of the coaching of youth sports and will continue to provide all of our participants with the best in positive coaching.