3 Traits That’ll Get You Noticed By College Soccer Recruiters

college soccer recruiters

If you’re serious about soccer, you’re probably already planning on attending one of our summer soccer camps this year. Not only will this be a great opportunity to work on building your skills, but you’ll also have the chance to work with some of the 350 NCAA men’s soccer coaches and 480 women’s soccer coaches from across the country at camp. In addition, this can be a pivotal time to get scouted by college soccer recruiters, which can secure your future at an esteemed institution.

But you might be wondering just how you can capture the attention of these scouts. With so many other players, how can you stand out at these college recruiting soccer camps? While each recruiter will be looking for something different, possessing these three traits will likely get you noticed by the right people.

1. Strong communication skills
You need to show that you’re engaged in what’s going on and committed to communicating with your teammates. Otherwise, you may give the impression that you’re not truly a team player or a go-getter. The way you communicate has the potential to make a huge difference in a match’s outcome. Scouts want to see confident leaders who can work with others towards a common goal. Facilitate a great game by keeping in constant communication with others on your team.

2. Technical ability
Of course, a recruiter will need to see that you have proper technique and a strong foundation of the game. A scout will consider a strength of a team, but they’ll be much more likely to notice a player’s stand-out technique. To avoid selfish game play, you should use your technique as a tool to help your team achieve your goals. Don’t show off if it’s not going to make your team stronger. Put your skills and knowledge to good use.

3. Good sportsmanship
Most of the scouts who visit college recruiting soccer camps also want to see a great display of sportsmanship. How you interact with your teammates and those on the opposing side plays a part, but coaches may be able to tell a lot from your individual reactions and body language. Coaches want to see confidence, but not arrogance. You can be passionate, but don’t be overly frustrated. And if you make a mistake, take it in stride. Scouts can see negative energy from hundreds of yards away, and they won’t want it on their college teams. Make sure that you have a generally positive attitude towards everyone involved; although you can take the game seriously, don’t let the outcome of a single play ruin your entire mood.

Want to take your playing to the next level? Our college recruiting soccer camps can help you do it. For more information, contact U.K. Elite today.