Groundbreaking PCA Initiative

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U.K. Elite Soccer, a Steel Sports Company, is undertaking a groundbreaking youth soccer initiative by becoming the first national youth soccer training organization to mandate PCA training as part of its ongoing staff development program. 

The partnership is designed to enhance a 25-year legacy of providing players, coaches, and parents with a meaningful soccer education on and off the field.

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“We conduct soccer camps in 20 states and work extensively with hundreds of youth soccer clubs,” said Steve Jones, U.K. Elite Soccer Director of Professional Development. “We want to provide a level of customer service that consistently challenges the opinion of what is a complete coach. Partnering with PCA will help empower our coaches to impact the next generation of soccer players.”

As part of the first phase of initiatives, every U.K. Elite Soccer coach will complete a PCA workshop at one of several national training events. Prioritizing their role as educators, the course will focus on culture, winning and life lessons through sport.

In addition to growing every member of the U.K. Elite Soccer staff’s intellectual base, U.K. Elite Soccer is also committed to player safety. Following the example set by PCA, U.K. Elite Soccer has partnered with SureID Certified EdgeTM as part of their complete commitment to the game.

“We have always taken great pride in the way we onboard our staff,” said Andrew Broadbent, Executive Director U.K. Elite Soccer. “The SureID Certified Edge program will further enhance our process and provide every family that engages with U.K. Elite Soccer an additional layer of comfort and safety.”