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Coaching Lesson Plan / Shooting!

In the latest installment of coaching tips we look at the art of shooting from distance. Mick Smoothey a founding member of  UK Elite Soccer shares one of his favorite shooting sessions. This session will challenge players to focus Read More

NSCAA Regional Diploma Course

Regional Diploma in conjunction with Glen Rock Shooting Stars Soccer Club The Regional Diploma is a 13-hour course designed for the coach working players 11 to 18 years of age. An emphasis is placed on learning to work with Read More

Todays coaching topics.

The days activities are in full swing. Differentiated topics are in place based upon coaches experience levels, some of today’s sessions include creating a team culture, Brazilian methods of coaching, formations for small sided and full sided teams, defending Read More

Another day of soccer education!

A great day at spring orientation 2010! All the coaches demonstrated exactly why we believe we continually assemble the best pool of soccer coaches in the United States. Everyone demonstrated a passion for learning how to teach the game Read More

Tips for coaching games.

   Keep games in perspective this season!    The attached article provides great advice ahead of the new soccer season.      Tips for coaching games   it’s a great read!      The game is part of the overall learning experience Read More