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Video – 5 Ways To Lift A Soccer Ball

UK Elite coach and freestyle soccer expert Jordan Macquarrie shows you five different ways in which you can lift a soccer ball from the ground.  Watch as Jordan uses different parts of his cleat and body to lift the Read More

Keep Your Child In Soccer This Winter

As the longer nights set in and the fall season comes to an end; parents, coaches and players start to look for ways to continue their soccer development into the winter months. With the drop off in team training Read More

Goals Galore – Soccer Records!

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero pulled off magnificent five-goal feats in the past couple weeks. Last Saturday, Aguero scored his five in 20 minutes against Newcastle, but Lewandowski scored his in a remarkable nine minutes Read More

Coaches’ Clipboard – Speed Of Play

An essential element in the development of youth soccer players is their ability to make consistently correct and quick decisions. As trainers and coaches, we must develop the physical and intellectual potential of our players in practice to enable Read More

Three Facts You May Not Know Influenced Your Soccer Training

Learn Soccer Skills Now for a Brighter Future

Organized sports can have a great influence on children and teens thanks to the communication between teammates and the use of strategic thinking during games. Most children eventually play at least one sport, whether it be baseball, hockey, or Read More

Changing Times In Youth Soccer – Tim Bradbury

Over the last four years, US Soccer has introduced new licenses, new initiatives and new programs. Now in conjunction with US Youth Soccer, the 55 DOCs and the State associations, they are introducing two vital changes that all clubs, Read More