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  • What is Residential Soccer Training?

    Our residential weeks are designed for teams and players motivated to truly fulfil their potential. They run from Sunday afternoon to Thursday evening*, with players sleeping over at the site or commuting daily.

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    * Residential weeks at Hofstra University run from Monday morning to Friday evening

    Why do Serious Players Choose Residential Weeks?

    • U.K. Elite Soccer makes players better. Guaranteed.
    • We create the best possible learning environment for youth soccer players.
    • We encourage, motivate and challenge players to maximize their potential.
    • We teach how, when, why and where skills are best used.
    • We provide a true 24/7 opportunity for player development.

    5 Classroom Sessions:

    • Video Analysis
    • Performance Diaries
    • Principles of Attack & Defense
    • Self Evaluation

    14 Field Sessions:

    • Advanced International Training Curriculums
    • Technical, Tactical, Functional Training Sessions
    • PACE Training (Power, Acceleration, Co-Ordination, Explosiveness)
    • Coached Scrimmages
    • Immediate Feedback & Analysis
  • Individual Players 9-18yrs

    Advanced International Training CurriculumPlayer Diagram

    OUR  advanced international curriculum includes the latest techniques and ideas from Brazil, Spain, Holland, Germany, England and the USA. Thousands of players will experience and benefit from this curriculum through our Technical, Tactical, Functional & Physical field sessions. They will all have a common goal: improve their individual game and become better players. We expect and ask a lot of each player. We challenge them to work hard, raise their expectations and performance level. They will also enjoy it immensely!

    Field Residential



    Technical Training

    How to perform advanced skills in game situations. Includes receiving the ball under pressure, finishing, individual and team attacking and defending, set pieces.

    Tactical Training

    When & why to perform these skills relative to your position and role within a team. Includes transition, speed of play, combination play, changing the point of attack, principles of attack and defense, attacking and defending set pieces.

    The Dutch 4v4 concept is also included within our tactical training curriculum. It teaches all the basic principles of the 11 v 11 game. Long championed in HOLLAND as vital for players of all ages, we believe it is an effective tool for player development.

    Functional Training

    Where and how to perform different skills relative to your position within a team. Highlights position specific focus, individually and collectively.

    Physical Training

    Focuses on speed, strength, stamina and sharpness – with a ball!

    Also includes nutrition, how to Warm Up and Cool Down correctly, and featuring ‘PACE’ (Power, Acceleration, Co-ordination, Explosiveness).

    Classroom residential



    Psychological Training

    Preparing mentally to fulfill your potential. Includes how to become a leader, set goals and focus on improvement. Featuring VIDEO ANALYSIS of your individual and team performance; REFLECTIVE LEARNING through feedback and classroom study.

    Video Analysis

    As part of the quality feedback process players will watch and critique their on-field performance through video.


    Goalkeepers 9-18yrs

    Safe Hands Training Curriculum

    Certain camps offer specialized training for this unique position from our talented goalkeeping staff.


    • Diving Saves
    • Goal Kicks / Distribution
    • Back Passes & Foot Skills
    • Footwork & Posture
    • Catching & Handling
    • Shot Saving
    • Tipping & Parrying
    • Dealing with Crosses
    • Breakaway Saves
    • Fitness for Goalkeepers
    • Box Presence & Management


    • Anticipation / Decision Making
    • Organizing the Defence
    • Angles & Positioning
    • Initiating Attacks
    • Sweeper Knowledge
    • Self Analysis
    • Set Pieces
    • Communication


    • Leadership
    • Self Confidence
    • Positive Projection
    • Training Ethics
    • Handling Pressure
    • Psychology for Goalkeepers

    For more information contact us at residential@ukelite.com or call 973-631-9802 ext 209.

  • Teams Are Welcome At All Residential Weeks!

    Our Residential Weeks provide the best possible pre-season training for teams of all ages & abilities. We customize the curriculum for each team. The team coach attends the week free when accompanying their players.

    To discuss your team needs & your team rate you can fill in our online form to Customize Your Curriculum, contact us at residential@ukelite.com or call 973-631-9802 ext 209.


    The depth of knowledge of the coaches is impressive. They really understand the game and how to teach it to High School players effectively. We look at this week as the unofficial start to our Fall season. Tom Rowan, Pocono Mt. East HS, PA

    My coaches and I spent the week watching every session, listening to every comment and loving every minute of it! The best team experience we’ve ever had. Jim Tobin, Hornell HS Boys, NY