Team UK Elite and England National Soccer Team share common ground.

Team UK Elite 2013 will be heading to the San Marino Cup in July, and this year all participating players can say they have something in common with the likes of Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart.

The San Marino cup opening ceremony will be held at the Stadio Olympico the same venue that just witnessed England beat San Marino 8-0 in a world cup qualifier. It may be one of the smallest International soccer venues in the world but it is still a great venue and the perfect setting for another fantastic international youth soccer tournament. For those teams that advance into the final stages they can also expect to play on the field itself.

Team UK Elite has 5 teams participating in the San Marino Cup and we have high hopes for all concerned. Lets hope all the teams get a chance to follow in the footsteps of the England National team and score 8 goals at the Stadio Olympico.

Stadio Olympico