5 Reasons To Play Soccer This Spring!


Spring is finally here! Fields up and down the country are being prepared for the start of the soccer season – and UK Elite couldn’t be more ready.

For many of our families however, this also means the resumption of numerous other sports and activities. Between lacrosse, baseball, tennis, athletics and golf; it is easy for children and parents to get lost in the hectic schedule of a multi-sport athlete.

Unfortunately this can result in one sport taking a back seat to the others, so before you go adjusting your child’s spring soccer schedule, here are 5 timely reminders about the benefits of the beautiful game.

1 – Health and Fitness.

Your child can run up to 7miles in a game of soccer! Compare that to other spring sports and you can see the huge benefit to your child’s health and fitness. Not only does all this running strengthen the heart it also engages multiple muscle groups, increasing flexibility and strength. The sessions ran by UK Elite trainers are constantly moving at a high tempo and intensity, all this ensures that, even with just 3 sessions a week, your child is remaining fit, active and healthy.

2 – Self Confidence.

With the support and guidance of a UK Elite trainer, your child can accomplish and overcome many challenges this spring, building much needed confidence and self-belief.  Children flourish playing soccer, they learn to believe in their own ability, begin to master new skills and techniques through perseverance and dedication. Soccer can build the skills needed to succeed both academically and athletically.

3 – Socially Rewarding

Soccer is a very social sport. As a team sport it relies heavily on communication between team mates, coaches and officials. UK Elite look to ensure that children work together to achieve similar goals on and off the field. Soccer is a great way for your children to interact with children from other schools or ethnicities. Friendships for life are formed on the soccer fields!

4 – Mentally Challenging

Soccer stimulates your children to think for themselves. There are no plays called in from the coach, no whole scale line changes or time outs, it is a game where the players are responsible for the decisions on the field. UK Elite encourage their players to think for themselves, using positive reinforcement to guide players to the correct decision. This type of learning and self-discovery is a valuable skill to take into other aspects of life.

5 – Simplicity!

It was once said that soccer was a simple game, where players run around after a ball for a period of time and in the end the Germans win! Now we don’t know about the last part but soccer is as simple as it gets. A soccer ball, some cleats and shin guards is all you need to get playing, your UK Elite trainer will take care of everything else!

So whilst UK Elite fully support the growth and development of your multi-sport athlete, just remember that soccer and UK Elite have just as many, if not more, benefits to offer this coming spring.