NSCAA Soccer Convention

Anyone who has attended an NSCAA National Soccer Convention will tell you that it is a remarkable event. Educational, entertaining and wonderfully social.

This annual event, the largest soccer convention held anywhere in the world, brings together people from all corners of the beautiful game – I really cannot think an area of the game that is not covered – from coaches, administrators, educators, product experts, tour and travel leaders, sports science and legends in the game, (I still cherish my picture with Pele from a convention more than 12 years ago). Really anyone who is interested in the game from around the country and the globe make it to this event.

I consider myself something of a convention veteran, it’s a title I have earned having been to the event every year for the last 24 years. Previously I would go the event as an eager young coach finding his way in the US, a long time before I had to attend meetings with the NSCAA, USSF, US YOUTH and Region 1 Presidents, technical leaders and administrators.
In addition to an enormous array of open clinics, seminars, presentations and of course soccer parties there are a tremendous number of important, private meetings for instructors, college coaches and technical leaders. It really is a huge and vital event.

The convention brings with it a little extra thrill and nervous energy for all that present sessions. This year in Baltimore I will have the honor of presenting for the 7th time. A slightly different proposition than last year’s field presentation on ‘Speed of Play’, that had more than 2000 people in attendance.

This year I deal with the challenge of a classroom presentation on ‘Developmentally Appropriate Coaching’. To be placed on the schedule on a Saturday time slot is always an honor as this is when the conventions numbers swell to 12,000 plus. I am hoping that all those planning their convention schedule choose to highlight my name and slot.

The convention brings with it a wonderful opportunity to learn about any facet of the youth, college or professional game. It also brings with it a great social opportunity for all that love the game to spend time sharing precious moments together discussing another year in the development of the beautiful game.

It really is a must attend event for all that love the worlds game and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Tim Bradbury
UK Elite Director of Education