How To Choose a Summer Soccer Camp: 3 Tips For Families

choosing a soccer camp

Summer is officially here, which means your young players have probably already signed up for daytime programs or sleepaway camps. But if you haven’t yet decided on a summer training program or sleepaway camp — or you just want to get a head start for next year — you may be wondering where to begin. Around 96% of summer campers say that camp helped them make new friends, but friendship is just one of the many benefits that overnight summer soccer camps can provide. To ensure your player gets a great experience all around, it’s important to follow these three tips when choosing a summer soccer camp.

Identify Personal Goals And Camp Strengths
Your child’s reasoning for attending overnight summer soccer camps may seem painfully obvious — to play soccer! — but there are likely some more specific goals you’ll need to identify. Does your child need more one-on-one training and skill improvement, or are they on a higher level and are looking for scouting exposure? Once you single out these personal goals, it will make it easier to find a soccer camp that specializes in these areas. Certain camps are strong in some areas and don’t focus on others quite as much. Your camp of choice should help your child achieve their soccer goals, no matter what. Do your research and find a camp that’s in line with your player’s aspirations.

Ask About Coaching Experience
A great reason to attend overnight summer soccer camps is their instructors; these coaches are usually among the most highly respected in the industry. Your child is not likely to improve very much if they can’t benefit from the wisdom and experience of their coaches. Many camps will provide information on their coaches to would-be campers and their families, as well as any notable players who have come through the camp. Make sure the camp you decide on can provide your child with the knowledge that can take them to the next level, rather than teaching them what they already know.

Get Recommendations From Friends And Family
Even in the digital age, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find a great summer camp that your child will love. It’s also easier than ever to connect with people who have attended camps in the past and can comment on the quality of the training and talent. There are often amazing summer camps your acquaintances might not be familiar with, so be sure to supplement these recommendations with your own Internet research. If nothing else, this can point you in the direction of the kind of camp you’re looking for, rather than being overwhelmed by all of the choices available to you.

Overnight summer soccer camps can help young players sharpen their skills and take their game to the next level. To find out more about how our training programs can help your child accomplish their goals, contact U.K. Elite today.