Summer Soccer Camp Checklist: What Players Need To Succeed On The Field

summer soccer camps

Every year, more than 14 million kids and adults attend camp in the United States. But whether you’ve signed up for one of our great sleepaway soccer camps or have signed up for local youth soccer leagues during the daytime, there are some things you can’t forget to bring along. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist for your soccer summer camps. If you pack these, you’ll be well on your way to having a fantastic summer.

What To Bring To Summer Youth Soccer Leagues And Camps

Clothing and Footwear
If you’ve signed up for daytime youth soccer leagues, you won’t need to bring a stockpile of clothes and cleats with you. However, you should have soccer shorts, moisture wicking t-shirts, compression shorts, rain gear, and cold weather layers available to you. You’ll also want to get some soccer socks, cleats, and slides, with a pair of athletic shoes for indoor training. If you’re going to sleepaway camp, you’ll want to bring enough shirts, shorts, and socks for each day.

More than likely, you’ll need to bring your own soccer ball, shin guards and straps, towel, and soccer bag. You’d be smart to bring along a small notepad and pencil, too. If you’re playing goalie, you’ll need to provide your own gloves and special clothing. Don’t forget the water bottle!

Healthy Gear
Most importantly, you’ll need to bring extra water with you. Hydration is key! You should also bring snacks that are high in protein, sunscreen, hydrating lip balm with SPF, bug spray, sweatbands, and kinesiology tape. You may also want to bring a pair of sunglasses and a hat; even if you can’t wear them during a game, they can help during downtime.

Other Sundries
You may not need these items if you’re going to daytime youth soccer leagues, but for those who are going off to sleepaway camp, they will probably come in handy. You’ll need casual clothes, PJs, and towels, as well as bed linens or a sleeping bag and a pillow. You’ll want to bring along electronic chargers and personal toiletries, too. If your camp offers other activities, be sure to pack for those too (like swimming, other sports, or special events). Don’t forget to bring any medications you need, like inhalers, epipens, or prescriptions you take on a daily basis.

No matter what kind of camp or league you’ve signed up for this summer, this checklist will help you be completely prepared. To find out more about the summer soccer camps and training programs we offer, please contact U.K. Elite today!