4 Myths Surrounding Youth Sports and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

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Starting your child in sports at a young age can provide many benefits. Not only will your child remain active and healthy, but they’ll learn valuable life skills like communication and teamwork. Even though youth sports are popular, some parents are concerned with starting their kids in sports at a young age. There are many myths out there surrounding youth sports, and this article debunks them to show the truth.

Youth sports are expensive. This may be partially true depending on which sport your child wants to play. But if your child wants to join a youth soccer league or another sport that doesn’t require a ton of equipment, then they can remain pretty inexpensive. Additionally, if you choose to enroll your child in things like summer soccer school or a summer soccer training camp instead of private lessons, that would be less expensive too.

Youth sports aren’t taken seriously. Yes, youth sports are supposed to be more fun and light-hearted than professional level sports. However, this doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Children are expected to try their hardest at practice and games and this can lead to them being tired or disappointed with their performance. Youth sport coaches do tailor their methods towards children, but they’re still expected to learn new skills and do their best.

My kid is a failure if he doesn’t do well in youth sports. As a parent, it’s important to remember that all children have different abilities. Because of this, some children may not be good at sports. But if your child really loves the sport, it’s important to encourage them to try harder and practice so they can feel good about their skills. Additionally, a child who works hard and supports their team is never a failure.

A bad start to the season means the whole season will be bad. Your child may start off the summer soccer school season feeling discouraged. This does not mean that they will remain that way the whole season. It’s important to not let your child give up and with some more practice, the season can turn around and end on a great note.

While youth sports can have their ups and downs, they’re a great way to allow your child to stay active and make new friends. In fact, about 60% of children who play organized sports in the U.S. choose to play sports outside of school. Don’t be hesitant to sign your child up for a youth league or summer soccer school, because you could be denying your child a really great opportunity that will stay with them for the rest of their life.