3 Soccer Tricks for Quick Fancy Footwork

soccer juggling tricks

Whether you’re a beginner soccer hobbyist or expert soccer star, a soccer training program can help you hone your skills and improve your cardiovascular health. In fact, in a single game, everyone except for the goalkeeper can travel five to seven miles! This much running is a surefire way to slim down and stay healthy. In a soccer training program, you will also get the opportunity to learn soccer moves to impress your friends and bamboozle your opponents. Here are some cool moves and tricks that are guaranteed to improve your game.

Best Juggling Tricks

If you are brand new to soccer, a great way to work on ball control is by juggling. This is an interesting soccer training method where you attempt to keep the ball in the air by kicking it in a controlled fashion. As you get more comfortable with this training exercise, start using different parts of your body such as your thighs, head, the inside of your foot, or even your heel. There are many cool variations of this that improve your footwork and motor skills.

The Rainbow is one of the most widely known soccer tricks, but it’s also one of the most difficult to pull off under pressure. In this move, you take the ball between the heel of your front foot and the side of your back foot. Then you move the ball up the calf of the front foot with the back foot. Next, you kick the ball up with the heel of your front foot. This should send the ball sailing over the top of your head to land in front of you, following a similar trajectory to that of a rainbow. This is not easy, so don’t get discouraged!

The Back Stall is a bit trickier. This one involves you kicking the ball in the air and then bending over so the ball lands between your shoulder blades. Warning, attempting this will result in many soccer balls to the back of the head! A good way to get the hand of stalling the ball is by trying to balance it on your forefoot. This will give you a better idea of how it balances.

The Around The World is one of the most difficult moves to execute with a soccer ball. It involves juggling normally, then in between foot touches getting the foot you kicked it with all the way around the ball, and then continuing to juggle. This is so difficult because while the other moves in this list can be practiced either from the ground or in some static form, this one must be done while juggling.

No matter what your skill level, a soccer training program is sure to help you learn soccer skills as well as give you a great workout!