Starting the Fall Season Right: Tips for Soccer Coaches

soccer coaching

Being a soccer coach is a great opportunity to help young kids reach their full potential both on and off the field. And while soccer coaches have an extremely rewarding role, it can also be stressful getting ready for a new season. So whether this is your first time coaching or your tenth season in a row, here are a few tips to help soccer coaches kick off the new season.

Have the right equipment: First things first, it’s important to start off the season with the right equipment. After all, training and practice drills will be kind of difficult without equipment to do them with. So make sure you stock up on extra soccer balls, extra gear, cones, pop-up goals, and pinnies. While players are sure to bring their own equipment too, it’s important as a coach to have the necessary equipment for soccer training. No matter what your soccer coaching methods are, equipment will always be needed.

Focus on player’s strengths: It’s important for soccer coaches to understand that not everyone has the same skills when it comes time to learn to play soccer. This is why it’s important for coaches to ensure they’re playing to their team’s strengths. If you have players that are fast, make sure they’re on running drills. If you have players that are good at shooting, make sure they’re doing shooting drills. If you decide to focus on your players’ strengths instead of focusing on what they’re not so good at, then everyone will be better off.

Make sure fun is a priority: While the ultimate goal of being on a youth soccer league is to win games, having fun is just as important. With about 60% of children who play an organized sport in the U.S. play sports outside of school, it’s important for your team to actually enjoy playing. So while you should make sure your kids are practicing and improving on the field, you should also ensure they’re having fun. So incorporate games into practices and schedule team bonding activities to make sure fun is always a priority.

Coaching soccer should never be just about winning — so keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll be set to have an amazing season.