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All about the GoalKeeper

The goalkeeper: They also call him doorman, keeper, goalie, bouncer or netminder, but he could just as well be called martyr, pay-all, penitent or punching bag. They say where he walks, the grass never grows.    — Eduardo Galeano, Read More

To Lecture or not to Lecture

Lecture them not     By Mike Woitalla for  Soccer America’s Youth Soccer Insider Lecture them not If being told how to play enabled children to master soccer we’d have an excess of great players and superb teams. The game, Read More

Physical and Psychosocial game

To be a great teammate and top opponent in a soccer game, one must master in both components of the game:  Physical Speed & Agility – These qualityes will be evident in the game from the early ages. Endurance – Read More