Youth Soccer Programs in the USA

U.K. Elite Soccer. A progressive soccer culture since 1992.

We get Players, Coaches & Clubs Ready to Play!

Nobody can match our experience! The 1st Professional Youth Soccer Training organization in the USA. Everything we do is designed to maximize the sporting potential of individual players, teams, clubs & coaches. We believe in thinking creatively so our passion for the game can directly benefit youth soccer in your community.

Current operational scope 20+ States

Headquarters: NJ   Regional Hubs: MA, NY, PA, MD, VA, TX, WA



A Growing Influence

U.K. Elite Soccer continues to grow and influence the game across the United States.

A series of strategic acquisitions combined with organic growth across 20+ states has positioned U.K. Elite Soccer to directly impact over 100,000 soccer families.

Our proven methodology and programming expertise means players & their families can relax in the knowledge that our professional coaching team will provide a pathway for successful player development.


Game Changer

July 2013: Steel Sports purchased a majority stake in U.K. Elite Soccer.

This injection has provided U.K. Elite Soccer with the valuable resources to expand its reach nationally.

Every player should have the opportunity to access our programs locally & nationally. This association now means U.K. Elite Soccer will be available across the country through a variety of initiatives involving organic growth, acquisitions and facility development.



Utilizing a growing network of opportunities for players U.K. Elite Soccer now operates two partner organizations.

The Football Club USA offers a national network of branded youth soccer clubs whilst Global Team Events provides sporting platforms via Tournaments, Tours and Sporting Events.

We are proud to have developed two valuable products that provide the same operational standards of excellence that has been the foundation of U.K. Elite Soccer.


Industry leading Categories

We currently offer the largest product range within the industry for players from 3yrs of age to Adult.

Whether it is a community soccer camp or an international soccer tour we have the experience and professional staff that have actively shaped the soccer landscape since 1992.

Our pioneering history simply cannot be matched by anyone within the youth soccer community.