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    To successfully fulfill the potential of any youth soccer player you must focus on two distinct areas:

    1. The development of the INDIVIDUAL PLAYER themselves.

    2. The development of the individual player within the context of his/her TEAM.

    The INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IDP provides a forum for players to work on their own specific areas of strength & development.

    We employ a low ratio of students to professional coaches so we can drill down on the specific detail required to perfect areas of the game. Each player will develop their technique, muscle memory and the ability to consistently reproduce a high level of skill in the game setting.

    IDP Level One 5-8yrs

    • First touch
    • Dribbling
    • Striking the ball

    IDP Level Two 8-11yrs

    • First touch – away from pressure
    • Dribbling – to maintain possession
    • Heading Shooting
    • R.A.P.I.D level 1 content

    IDP level Three 11-14yrs

    • First touch – create space and time
    • Dribbling – to beat an opponent
    • Receiving balls in the air Finishing
    • R.A.P.I.D level 2 content
    • Individual focus areas / strength & development

    IDP Level Four 14-18yrs

    • First touch – movement prior to 1st touch, body angle/shape
    • Dribbling – to penetrate
    • Challenging for balls in the air
    • Speed of play – 1 and 2 touch
    • R.A.P.I.D level 3 content
    • Individual focus areas / strength & development